Things to do

Umeå has many interesting places to visit, but here is a list of suggestions:
  1. Baggböle arboretum: Arboretum Norr covers an area of about 20 acres, with more than 1,600 plants from about 280 species, planted since 1981. The plants are mostly from Scandinavian countries. One of the arboretum’s three functions is to see which species thrive and survive at far northerly latitudes, which may in turn lead to a greater variety of climate-adapted shrubs and trees in northern Scandinavia. The mansion at the centre of the park used to be the headquarters of a business that felled trees as part of a sawmill business in the nineteenth century. It is a very scenic area with lots of hidden paths to explore.
  2. From there you can cross the bridge to Umeå Energicentrum.
  3. On your way, you might feel inspired and want to check some interesting art work at Umeå skulpturpark
  4. In case your are in for some history of skis, why not take the time to check the oldest skis preserved at the Västerbottens museum.. While there, you can check the rest of the museum just for fun.
  5. Contemporary art is also very important, so check Bildmuseet on your way to/from the conference.
  6. There are many walking, biking, running, and hiking paths in the area. Start by walking around Lake Nydala near the university, but if you are up for a much longer hike, check these suggestions: