Travel to Umeå

Umeå is located in the north of Sweden. The most convenient way to get to Umeå is by airplane, but it is also possible to travel by train.

By airplane

The Umeå airport has regular connections with the following airports:

  • Stockholm Arlanda (ARN) – the main international airport in Sweden, approximately 10 flights per day in total, operated by Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and Norwegian,
  • Stockholm Bromma (BMA) – the secondary airport in Stockholm, located closer to city center, approximately 4 flights per day operated by BRA,
  • Helsinki-Vantaa (HEL) – an international airport in Finland, one flight per day operated by Finnair.

Flights to Stockholm take approx. 1 hour, while the flight to Helsinki takes approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes.

By train

Train connections are operated by SJ.

It takes at least 6 and a half hour to get to Umeå from Stockholm Central station with a direct train. There are four faster (6.5 hours) connections per day, and two night trains that take 8-9 hours.

There are two train stations in Umeå that you might choose from, depending on your travel plan:

  • Umeå Central – the main train station located in downtown (where most of the hotels are located),
  • Umeå Östra – a train station located next to Umeå University.

Local transportation in Umeå


There is a local bus system operating in Umeå called Ultra.

The main bus hub in downtown is called Vasaplan.

The bus stops in proximity of Umeå University are:

  • Universum – the closest bus stop to the conference venue,
  • Samhällsvetarhuset – a bus stop on the north of the campus,
  • Växthuset – a bus stop on the south of the campus.

In the bus, you can pay by bank card (cash payments are not allowed). There is also a mobile app called Ultra vill mer available for iOS and Android that you can use for buying tickets or checking the routes.

There are several types of bus tickets available, all of them allow to make changes within the validity time:

  • one hour ticket,
  • airport ticket (valid for two hours),
  • 24 hours ticket,
  • 72 hours ticket.


There are multiple taxi companies operating in Umeå, for example:

  • UÅ City Taxi AB, +46 (0) 90-460 00
  • Umeå Taxi AB, +46 (0) 90-77 00 00
  • Umeå Miljötaxi, +46 (0) 90-12 12 12
  • Ecotaxi/Björkstaden, +46 (0) 90-911 911
  • Umeå Eltaxi, +46 (0) 90-10 00 00
  • Umritaxi, +46 (0) 90-650 00

A trip from the airport to University or downtown costs approx. 200 SEK (you can ask for a fixed price when starting the trip).

Usually, you can pay in the taxi both by bank card and by cash.