Accepted Workshop Papers

7th International Workshop on Autonomic Management of high performance Grid and Cloud Computing (AMGCC’19)

  • Sunggon Kim, Donghwan Kim, Hyeonsang Eom and Yongseok Son. Towards Predicting GPGPU Performance for Concurrent Workloads
  • Hwajung Kim, Heonyoung Yeom and Yongseok Son. An I/O Isolation Scheme for Key-Value Store on Multiple Solid-State Drives
  • Youngrang Kim, Hyeonseong Choi, Jaehwan Lee, Jik-Soo Kim, Hyunseung Jei and Hongchan Roh. Efficient Large-scale Deep Learning Framework for Heterogeneous Multi-GPU Cluster
  • Jeongchul Kim, Jungae Park and Kyungyong Lee. Network Resource Isolation in Serverless Cloud Function Service
  • Sanghyeok Kim, Jeho Song, Sangyeon Woo, Youngjae Kim and Sungyong Park. Gas Consumption-aware Dynamic Load Balancing in Ethereum Sharding Environments
  • Seungwoo Rho, Ji Eun Choi, Geunchul Park and Chan-Yeol Park. Performance Analysis of Various Multi- and Many-core Systems Centered on Memory
  • Seongjae Park, Yunjae Lee, Yoonhee Kim and Heon Y. Yeom. Profiling Data Access Pattern of Huge Workloads with Bounded Overhead and Accuracy
  • Saima Majeed, Ammar Ul Hassan and Jaeyoung Choi. TeX Bitmap Font Module for FreeType Rasterizer

4th Workshop on Engineering Collective Adaptive Systems (eCAS’19)

  • Ian Riley and Rose Gamble. Evaluating the Impact of Design Constraints on Expected System Performance
  • Arezoo Vejdanparast and Peter R. Lewis. Learning and Sharing for Improved k-coverage in Smart Camera Networks
  • Danilo Pianini, Roberto Casadei and Mirko Viroli. Security in Collective Adaptive Systems: a Roadmap
  • Roberto Casadei, Danilo Pianini, Guido Salvaneschi and Mirko Viroli. On Context-Orientation in Aggregate Programming
  • Aaron Paulos, Soura Dasgupta, Jacob Beal, Yuanqiu Mo, Khoi Hoang, J. Bryan Lyles, Partha Pal, Richard Schantz, Jon Schewe, Ramesh Sitaraman, Alexander Wald, Christabel Wayllace and William Yeoh. A Framework for Self-Adaptive Dispersal of Computing Services
  • Oliver Kosak, Felix Bohn, Felix Keller, Hella Ponsar and Wolfgang Reif. Maple: Ensemble Programming for Multipotent Systems
  • Thomas J. Glazier and David Garlan. An Automated Approach to Management of a Collection of Autonomic Systems

1st Workshop on Evaluations and Measurements in Self-Aware Computing Systems (EMSAC’19)

  • André Bauer, Simon Eismann, Johannes Grohmann, Nikolas Herbst and Samuel Kounev. Systematic Search for Optimal Resource Configurations of Distributed Applications
  • Sona Ghahremani and Holger Giese. Performance Evaluation for Self-Healing Systems: Current Practice & Open Issues
  • Sven Tomforde. From “normal” to “abnormal” self-adaptation: A concept for determining expected adaptation efforts

2nd Workshop on Hot Topics in Cloud Computing Performance (HotCloudPerf-2019)

  • Alexander Ditter, Michael Tielemann and Dietmar Fey. Bridging the Gap between High-Performance, Cloud and Service-Oriented Computing
  • Joel Scheuner and Philipp Leitner. Transpiling Applications into Optimized Serverless Orchestrations
  • Klervie Toczé, Norbert Schmitt, Ivona Brandic, Atakan Aral and Simin Nadjm-Tehrani. Towards Edge Benchmarking: A Methodology for Characterizing Edge Workloads
  • Vincent van Beek, Giorgos Oikonomou and Alexandru Iosup. CPU contention predictor for Business-Critical Workloads in Cloud Datacenters
  • Fabio López-Pires, Benjamin Baran, Carolina Pereira, Marcelo Velazquez and Osvaldo Gonzalez. Evaluation of Two-Phase Virtual Machine Placement Algorithms for Green Cloud Datacenters


  • Gabriel Aumala, Edwin F. Boza, Luis Ortiz-Aviles , Gustavo Totoy, Cristina L. Abad. Beyond Load Balancing: Package-Aware Scheduling for Serverless Platforms
  • André Bauer, Nikolas Herbst, Simon Spinner, Ahmed Ali-Eldin, and Samuel KounevChameleon. A Hybrid, Proactive Auto-Scaling Mechanism on a Level-Playing Field
  • Joel Reijonen and Miika Komu (Ericsson). Edge-Native Machine Learning

Lightning Talk

  • Alessandro Vittorio Papadopoulos, Laurens Versluis, André Bauer, Nikolas Herbst, Jóakim von Kistowski, Ahmed Ali-Eldin, Cristina Abad, J. Nelson Amaral, Petr Tuma, and Alexandru Iosup. Methodological Principles for Reproducible Performance Evaluation in Cloud Computing
  • Erwin van Eyk, Johannes Grohmann, Simon Eismann, André Bauer, Laurens Versluis, Lucian Toader, Norbert Schmitt, Nikolas Herbst, Cristina L. Abad, and Alexandru Iosup. The SPEC-RG Reference Architecture for FaaS: From Microservices and Containers to Serverless Platforms

3rd Workshop on Self-Aware Computing (SeAC 2019)

  • Peeranut Chindanonda, Vladimir Podolskiy and Michael Gerndt. Metrics for Self-Adaptive Queuing in Middleware for Internet of Things
  • Johannes Grohmann, Simon Eismann, André Bauer, Marwin Züfle, Nikolas Herbst and Samuel Kounev. Utilizing Clustering to Optimize Resource Demand Estimation Approaches
  • Xavier Andrade, Jorge Cedeno, Edwin F. Boza, Harold Aragón, Cristina L. Abad and Jorge Murillo. Optimizing Cloud Caches For Free: A Case for Autonomic Systems with a Serverless Computing Approach

6th International Workshop of Self-Improving System Integration (SISSY’19)

  • Chloe M Barnes, Lukas Esterle and John Na Brown. “When you believe in things that you don’t understand”: the effect of cross-generational habits on self-improving system integration
  • Veronika Lesch, Christian Krupitzer and Sven Tomforde. Emerging Self-Integration through Coordination of Autonomous Adaptive Systems
  • Anthony Stein and Sven Tomforde. Transfer Learning is a Crucial Capability of Intelligent Systems Self-Integrating at Runtime
  • Kirstie L. Bellman, Christian Gruhl, Chris Landauer and Sven Tomforde. Self-improving System Integration – On a Definition and Characteristics of the Challenge
  • Chloe M. Barnes, Kirstie L. Bellman, Jean Botev, Ada Diaconescu, Lukas Esterle, Christian Gruhl, Christopher Landauer, Peter R. Lewis, Phyllis R. Nelson, Anthony Stein, Christopher Stewart and Sven Tomforde. CHARIOT – Towards a Continuous High-level Adaptive Runtime Integration Testbed
  • Philippe Lalanda and Ada Diaconescu. Integration of pervasive platforms with iCasa
  • Roberto Rodrigues Filho, Alexander Wild and Barry Porter. Code Synthesis in Self-improving Software Systems
  • Kirstie L. Bellman. Strategies for Helping SISSY Systems Deal with Knowledge Gaps and Unknowns
  • Charles Walter and Rose Gamble. Crossing the Adaptation Boundaries of Distinct Testbeds
  • Christopher Landauer. Degrees of Intimacy in SiSSy Systems: “How to Join a Team”
  • Birger Becker, Sebastian Kochanneck and Hartmut Schmeck. Test Beds for Component Integration in Energy Systems
  • Phyllis Nelson. CARS: a Wrappings-based Test Bed for Self* Cyber-physical Systems and Their Integration
  • Antonio García-Domínguez, Nelly Bencomo, Juan Marcelo Parra-Ullauri annd Luis Hernán García-Paucar. Towards History-Aware Self-Adaptation with Explanation Capabilities

3rd International Workshop on Self-Organised Construction (SOCO 2019)

  • Samuel Leder, Ramon Weber, Dylan Wood, Oliver Bucklin and Achim Menges. Design and prototyping of a single axis, building material integrated, distributed robotic assembly system
  • Tanja Katharina Kaiser and Heiko Hamann. Self-Organized Construction by Minimal Surprise
  • Michael Niess and Heiko Hamann. Self-organized Construction by Population Coding
  • David Andreen, Ana Goidea, Anton Johansson and Erik Hildorsson. Swarm materialization through discrete, nonsequential additive fabrication

1st International Workshop on Self-Protecting Systems (SPS’19)

  • Sharmin Jahan, Matthew Pasco, Rose Gamble, Philip McKinley and Betty Cheng. MAPE-SAC: A Framework to Dynamically Manage Security Assurance Cases
  • Gabriele Gualandi and Emiliano Casalicchio. A Self-protecting Control Application for IIoT
  • Stefano Iannucci, Ovidiu Daniel Barba, Valeria Cardellini and Ioana Banicescu. A Performance Evaluation of Deep Reinforcement Learning for Model-Based Intrusion Response