Umeå – the growing city

The University and the city of Umeå have developed hand in hand with a joint thirst for knowledge and progress. Umeå is now one of the fastest growing cities in Sweden with over 125,000 inhabitants — which is double the figure from 1965 when the University opened.

The influx from near and far has transformed Umeå into northern Sweden’s largest urban community with an atmosphere characterised by openness partnered with just the right amount of inquisitiveness. Today’s residents of Umeå, both old and new, have an accepting attitude towards new thoughts and ideas, different behaviours, lifestyles and cultures.

Umeå successfully manages to balance its environmental commitments with its high trade and industry ambitions, attracting some of the world’s most creative and enterprising businesses to the region. The city is home to many growing companies, mainly in the fields of biotechnology, medicine, IT, the environment and energy, modern forestry and engineering industries.

Umeå University

Umeå University is one of Sweden’s major universities.

In 2017, the number of students was 33,000 and nearly 1,000 doctoral students help bring new insights into this world. All in all, the University fills an area of 241,508 square metres, which is the equivalent of almost 34 full-size football pitches! Still, everything is nearby and also close to the city centre.

Umeå University has over 900 exchange agreements with universities across the globe. Approximately 3,600 international students with over 60 different nationalities study with us every year. And together with our around 400 international researchers they bring new perspectives and help create a more exciting, creative and culturally diverse academic environment.

Umeå University also closely collaborates with the neighbouring University Hospital of Umeå — recognised as one of the best university hospitals in the nation.

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Visiting Umeå

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