Doctoral Symposium, Demos and Posters

Doctoral Symposium

  • Michael Pernpeintner. Collaboration as an Emergent Property of Self-Organizing Software Systems
  • Ana Petrovska. Learning Approach for Smart Self-Adaptive Cyber-Physical Systems
  • José Irigon. Adaptive Routing for Challenging Networks
  • Paul Dean. Emergent Scheduling of Distributed Execution Frameworks
  • Huu-Phuc Vo. Machine-Assisted Reformulation for MiniZinc
  • Neil Ayeb. Towards an autonomic and distributed device management for the Internet of Things


  • Payam Zahadat. Self-adaptation and Self-healing based on Resource Distribution by Vascular Morphogenesis Controller
  • Simon Eismann, Jóakim von Kistowski, Johannes Grohmann, André Bauer, Norbert Schmitt and Samuel Kounev. TeaStore – A Micro-Service Reference Application
  • Evangelos Pournaras, Edward Gaare, Renato Kunz and Atif Nabi Ghulam. Democratizing Data Analytics: Crowd-sourcing Decentralized Collective Measurements
  • Pontus Sköldström, Mina Sedaghat, Daniel Turull, Madhubala Ganesan, Vinay Yadhav, Amardeep Mehta, Joacim Halén and Wolfgang John. Nefele: Simplifying application development for cloud
  • Mohammad Parhizkar, Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo and Salima Hassas. Leaders and Followers: a Design Pattern for Second-Order Emergence
  • Indu John, Aiswarya Sreekantan and Shalabh Bhatnagar. Efficient Adaptive Resource Provisioning for Cloud Applications using Reinforcement Learning

Posters from paper presentations

  • Michael Trotter. Forecasting a Storm: Divining Optimal Configurations using Genetic Algorithms and Supervised Learning
  • Marwin Züfle. Autonomic Forecasting Method Selection: Examination and Ways Ahead
  • Norbert Schmitt. Online Power Consumption for Functions in Cloud Applications
  • Gregor Schiele. The Elastic Node: An Experimentation Platform for Hardware Accelerator Research in the Internet of Things
  • Ivana Dusparic. Constructivist Approach to State Space Adaptation in Reinforcement Learning
  • Erick Lavoie. Genet: A Quickly Scalable Fat-Tree Overlay for Personal Volunteer Computing using WebRTC
  • Peter Lewis. Social Action in Socially-Situated Agents
  • Kamal Hakimzadeh. Ops-Scale: Elastic Cloud Operations by Declarative Functional Abstraction and Feedback Control Loop
  • Vladimir Podolskiy. Maintaining SLOs of Cloud-native Applications via Self-Adaptive Resource Sharing
  • Damian Arellanes. Workflow Variability for Autonomic IoT Systems
  • Marta Różańska. Affine Scalarization of Two-Dimensional Utility Using the Pareto Front
  • Michael Langford. Enhancing Learning-Enabled Software Systems to Address Environmental Uncertainty
  • Barry Porter. Distributed Emergent Software: Assembling, Perceiving and Learning Systems at Scale
  • Connor Imes. CoPPer: Soft Real-time Application Performance Using Hardware Power Capping
  • Jayson Boubin. Autonomic Computing Challenges in Fully Autonomous Precision Agriculture
  • Nikolas Herbst. Methodological Principles for Reproducible Performance Evaluation in Cloud Computing
  • Brian Ramprasad. EMU-IoT – A Virtual Internet of Things Lab